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Heidi Elizabeth Lepe

Writer / Storyteller / Theologian

Her Story

Heidi Elizabeth Lepe's pronouns are she/her/hers and she identifies as a loved mujerista. As a daughter of a Catracha mother and Mexican father, she unashamedly embraces her dual ethnic roots and cultural heritage in the US. Heidi lives in between a progressive Latinx Pentecostal and Catholic spirituality she has evolved from that of her parents' and immigrant home church in South Central Los Angeles. 

Born and raised in West Los Angeles, she embodies what she calls the "Chicana Central Americana" lifestyle in the West Coast. She writes, theologizes, synthesizes and speaks from her cultural and social location as an unapologetic Brown woman. Heidi is also the founder of Brown Beloved Co., an online platform and community dedicated to the flourishing, liberating life of the Latine community at the intersection of faith, cultural roots, and justice.

Her work is inspired by the unrecognized and unnamed theologians in her home church, las hermanas de la Iglesia de Dios Hoover. She also draws inspiration from published authors and Latinx theologians like Justo L. González, Elizabeth Conde-Frazier, Loida I. Martell and René Padilla. Lastly, her work is inspired by the beloved ethos and life of Angelenos in the margins and her life experiences growing up in West LA. 

When Heidi is not writing you can find her at local art shows, hiking in Los Angeles, or eating a good Central American breakfast at any time of day staying rooted in what she calls the Black and Brown pockets of love in her city. She currently attends Duke University Divinity School where she is pursuing a Master of Divinity degree with a concentration in Latinx Studies.

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